Farm Water Field Day

27 April 2019

“Murnong” Inverleigh

Regarded as one of the best events our Group has ever organised,  Josh Walter, Manager of Murnong Farm, hosted the BHLG April Field Day on farm water sources and conservation. There was considerable interest from the 30 strong audience and the five speakers were first class – they knew their stuff and related well to the audience.

Clem Sturmfels from AgVic talked mainly about the mechanics and pitfalls of building and maintaining farm dams. He emphasised the depth of dams to reduce water temperature and minimise evaporation plus the slope of the dam walls to reduce erosion and improve compaction to prevent seepage.

Angus Ramsay of Southern Rural Water explained the complexities of allocating and licensing river and ground water.

The casual observer

Tony Byrne of the Corangamite Catchment Management Authority spoke about the importance of maintaining natural waterways and the impact dam building in gullies, which may affect water flow downstream.

Jim Seager, Vice-President of BHLG, spoke about the economics of alternative water sources such as solar pumping, town water and tankers. and Deidre Murphy from  “Waterwatch” discussed the chemical and biological parameters used to measure the health of stored and running water.


2021 Annual General Meeting

18th August 2021

Photo Credit Kaye Rodden

The AGM is scheduled to take place at Gnarwarre Tennis Pavilion, commencing once again with the free “wine and cheese” get-t0-gether. Guest speaker is Greg Peter from Riverness, who will talk about ” Changing landuse, changing demographics – implications for waterways”

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