About Us

Landcare means many things to many people. To some it is a symbol of the Australian Landcare movement – a partnership between environmental groups and land owner / occupiers.

To others it represents good sense, caring for our land, whether we are here for the view or to make ends meet.

Established in 1995, the Group focus was on serrated tussock, gorse and rabbits. In more recent times our horizons have extended to soil erosion, river water quality and preservation of native plant populations.

BHLG members are a mix of farmers and small block owners / occupiers of land on, or adjacent to, the Barrabool Hills. Which is a sandstone ridge extending westward from Geelong city towards the Western Districts.

Our Executive

President: Jim Seager

Vice President: Ian Kelly

Secretary: Heike Dunn

Interim Treasurer: Anthony Jones

Newsletter Editor: Tim Harte

Equipment: Trevor Jones

Mapping: Geoff Anson

Geelong Landcare Network Delegates: Christa Jones and Tim Harte

Committee Members: Christa Jones, Judy Cohn, Maddie Steel, Tim Trottier, Kaye Rodden, Anthony Jones, Geoff Anson, Trevor Jones, Tim Harte

2019 -2020 project
Success, 10,000 Plants in the ground for the ephemeral wetland at Mt Pollock.