Woody Weed Management – Working for Victoria program February 2021

Removing Boxthorn by hand from under mature red gum on the river bank

During February 2021 the Barrabool Hills Landcare group has facilitated a Corangamite Catchment Management Authority/ Conservation Volunteers Australia program funded by a state government “Working for Victoria” covid initiative. In this instance the project was to remove woody weeds, such as Boxthorn, Gorse, Cape Ivy, Prickly Pear, Hawthorn and Spiny Rush along the Barwon.
These weeds not only provide harbor for rabbits but also quickly take over in the fertile riparian area, and shade out native species.
The program ran for 8 days ( around 250 hours of “work”), on the properties of 7 landcare members, with the Barrabool Hills contributing around 24 hours of “volunteer” time to make the initial contact with landholders, document and map the woody weed site on each property, induction of the crew at each of the sites and final project reporting.
Kudos to our President Jim Seager who took on the role for the group over this period.
And thanks to the Geelong Landcare Network who made the initial contact
lodged our EOI, and of course the 7 landholders who took part.


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